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The State Central Library is the apex library of the Public Library System of the state. In each District there exists three tier Public Libraries with District Library at the apex, Town and Sub-divisional Libraries at the next tier and Rural, Area and Primary Unit Libraries at the lowest tier.

Central Library

Uttarpara Joykrishna Public Library

There are 6 Government District Libraries, 19 Government Sponsored District/ Additional District Libraries, 116 Town/ Subdivisional Libraries, 2209 Rural/ Area/ Primary Unit Libraries, and 113 Upgraded Town Libraries. There are also two Government Central Libraries, two Government Town Libraries. Uttarpara Joykrishna Public Library is a Government Public Library of special status. District Libraries and Additional District Libraries are of the same status, Town and Subdivisional Libraries are of the same status and Rural, Primary Unit and Area Libraries are of the same status. Each tier of public library has a prescribed staff-structure and recurring grant system.