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The Mass Education Extension Department through the Directorate of Library Services administers the West Bengal Public Libraries Act, 1979 with the Rules framed thereunder. For organizing and administering Library Services there is the provision in the Act for constitution of the State Library Council (SLC) with the Minister in Charge of Library Services as its Chairman. The Council is to advice the State Government on the management of the State Central Library, on matters relating to policies and programmes for the development and management of Public Library System and on such matters as may be referred to it.


The Council consists of 31 members representing diverse fields of interest, viz., MLA’s,persons representing the interests of education,social work,culture,literary or artistic activity,library science,representatives of Bengal Library Association,Government officials like the Secretary of Mass Education Extension Department, Director of Public Instruction, Director,National Library,Kolkata,Director,Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation, representatives of the employees of Public Libraries, representatives from the members of the Local Library Authority,the Librarian of the State Central Library,one Librarian nominated from District Libraries and other officials.

Bankura District Library

The Director of Library Services is the ex-officio member-Secretary of the Council.The Council is the highest advisory body to the Government on policies and programmes concerning Library Services in the State.

Local Library Authority (LLA) has been created for each district by virtue of the West Bengal Public Libraries Act, 1979. Two separate Local Library Authorities have been created for the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council Area and Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad Area in the district of Darjeeling. The District Magistrate of the district is the Chairman of the LLA and in case of Kolkata, the Chairman of the LLA is the Director of Library Services. In case of Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, the Chairman of the LLA is the Principal Secretary, Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council. In case of Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad area, the District Magistrate of Darjeeling is the Chairman of the LLA, Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad area. The LLA consists of 22 to 24 members depending on the number of District Libraries in the district.

Kesabpur Public Library,Hooghly

The Local Library Authorities comprises of Government and non Government members including representative(s) of the Zilla Parishad (Municipal Corporation in case of Kolkata) , Panchayat Samities, Bengal Library Association, persons representing the interest of education, social work, culture, literary or artistic activities, literacy or scientific movement, representatives of the employees of the Public Libraries, persons from Managing Committees of Public Libraries, Librarian(s) of the District Library or Libraries, District Mass Education officer, District Information and Cultural Officer and District Library Officer. The District Library Officer is the member secretary of the LLA of the district and carries out the functions on behalf Of the LLA.

The Management of Government Sponsored Public Libraries are looked after by elected Managing Committee.The committee comprises of the representatives from the Corporation / Municipality / Notified Area Authority in urban areas and Panchayat Samities in case of rural areas . The Librarian of the concerned library is the joint secretary of the Committee . The Managing Committees of the District Libraries are constituted with representatives of the concerned Zilla Parishad and institutional members. Librarian of the District Library is the ex-officio member secretary.The District Library Officer is the President of the Managing Committee of the District Library.Staff members of the Sponsored Public Libraries have been declared as employees of the respective LLAs. The assets of the Sponsored Libraries have also been declared as the assets of the concerned LLA under the Act. For Government Libraries there are Advisory Committees created by the Government.


Dakhin Dinajpur Library